Monday, October 27, 2014

Our latest Maine Wire item….


Yours truly had a column published on the Maine Wire web site today; you can find it here:

In it, we attempt to contrast the approach the three candidates take in pursuing the office of Governor. one being an incumbent, of course, which was not the case four years ago.  So the dynamics are different than they were then, even though two of the three candidates are the same.

The opening words are as follows:

Who was it that said election time is ‘silly season?’  For years I’ve rolled with that description, but more and more, it seems to be ‘trashing season’ and ‘fibbing season.’

To that point, in our three way gubernatorial race, we see a peculiar juxtaposition of campaign approaches.  The incumbent emphasizes his stewardship of the ship of state during his current term, and how he plans to manage the enterprise should he be re-elected.

The two challengers, exactly as you might expect, do their level best to move votes away from the incumbent with time-tested, consultant driven enticements.  One says he’ll lower property taxes, clearly very high in our humble, mostly rural state, by 20 to 40%, and pay for it with a 1% increase in the sales tax.  The other says he’ll buy us the new things we want by virtue of ‘budget priorities.’

We hope you find the comparison of approaches informative.  In the alternative, you can amuse yourself by yelling at your screen what an idiot we are.

In either case, we appreciate your continued readership, and we’ll do our best to keep earning it.

We’re confident others will do their best to keep seeking our attention, and we hope they appreciate our thoughtful commentary on their efforts, worthy or not.

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