Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hurry Hurry! Get them before they’re all gone!!!!!


Or maybe not.


As we wrote recently, the spiritual leaders of the Amtrak revival in Maine have been rationalizing the sparse ridership (average ~ 10%  of capacity) of Downeasters departing and arriving Brunswick station by claiming the trains are ‘sold out farther down south,’ and hence passengers wanting to depart or arrive Brunswick station can’t buy seats.

In that post, exactly one week ago, we related how we looked into reserving 8 seats in each direction between the two Downeaster termini, from Sunday, October 19th, and every day after that until the end of the month – Friday, October 31st.

We were shocked, shocked we tell you, that not a single train scheduled to operate was sold out.  We could reserve the 8 seats for any of them.

We decided yesterday we should update the story.  So in the last 24 hours, we looked into reserving 8 seats in each direction between Boston and Brunswick, for each day from Saturday, November 1st through Monday, November 10th.

Surprise, surprise!  We were just as shocked as before to find out we could reserve 8 seats in either direction for any of the trains scheduled to operate, including the ‘hybrid’ bus-train trips.

So once again, we call Bravo Sierra on the stories being told by those who operate and advocate for the Downeaster service.

At what point do serious adults who expect integrity in public affairs declare that those story-tellers have absolutely no credibility when it comes to their areas of responsibility?  And cease to listen to them as if they do?


For us, that point has long since passed. 

Sadly, for all too many in our midst, that point will never come, because it would mean giving up on the dream and the illusion.  And at the same time, admitting their own gullibility, if not lost integrity.

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