Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gerzofsky offers help on school funding crisis

Even I’m impressed, my friends, and you know that doesn’t happen very often or very easily. 

But there’s a really big man in our midst.  Senator Stan “our man” Gerzofsky, that is.  The good Senator often invokes the image of a Santa Claus with that jolly laugh of his, and that shiny red chariot he gets around in.

Lately, the Senator has taken a highly visible role in mentoring Brunswick town officials, and lord knows they could sure use some help.  Gerzofsky has been offering gentle counsel on respectful behavior in the finely nuanced realm of political pecking orders, and the appropriate demeanor and decorum when approaching one’s superiors.

Most recently, the Senator has reached out his hand, tightly wrapped around a ruler, to a young and enthusiastic school board member.  A few remedial whacks were definitely in order, and the Senator administered them with all the compassion and restraint we’ve come to expect of him.

Demonstrating, as a good mentor would, that he is forgiving of such youthful exuberance in a protege, the Senator followed the whacks with a generous offer to the concerned official.

Responding to the severe shortfall of state funds for the Brunswick school department, our Senator demonstrated his willingness to remedy the problem, and indeed, his chagrin over not having already been asked to do so.  Speaking to the Forecaster:

Gerzofsky said he is disappointed that the Brunswick School Board didn't contact the delegation for assistance.

Still holding that ruler, Gerzofsky firmly yet lovingly added this plea, revealing a wholly unexpected vulnerability:

“It would be awfully nice if the School Board invited legislators in to work on ideas instead of going to the television and newspapers to yell and scream,” he said.

Hoping to emulate his revered superior, Rep. Charlie Priest added this about the recent dustup:

“But I think it's best for everybody to put all that aside and work together.”

Yes, indeedy, we’re fortunate to have such men offering to come to the town’s rescue on the school budget.  We’ll be watching carefully to see the results of their efforts!

(And pssst,  Senator, I promise not to mention that you made your comments to the newspapers, or that you appeared on television this weekend.)

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