Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lake Basebegone Update: Feb 17, 2010

Bailey Bails, leaves Oxford adrift

Well, it’s a not so quiet week in Lake Basebegone this time around.

A published report states that the repackaged F. Lee Bailey/Oxford Aviation proposal to occupy Hangar 6 on BNAS is being withdrawn by the famed attorney because of allegedly hostile remarks made by town councilors.

As you might expect, the report casts only glowing and flattering light upon Bailey and the sketchy details of his unidentified  investors, and makes but oblique reference to the troubling record established by Oxford and Jim Horowitz in their various public-private partnership undertakings.

MRRA officials expressed pro forma piety over their role in pushing the clearly questionable proposal, instead focusing attention on the anti-business climate of the town.

In other words, Bailey, Oxford, and the MRRA are all victims.  The collapse has nothing to do with the substance or particulars of the proposal, or those who backed it.

It remains to be seen whether Oxford will remove the photo-shopped Hangar 6 – their “Brunswick Jet Division” – from their web site.

(Update: not yet!

I expect we’ll be hearing soon from Brunswick favorite son John Richardson, candidate for Governor, about how even he couldn’t save the deal.


  1. Now MRRA is not in a race to the bottom.

  2. Ah, another dream smashed to smithereens. But just you wait, the MRRA operating out of their well appointed headquarters at Dreamland are not finished yet.