Saturday, February 6, 2010

Locavores??? “Farmer Knows Best”

Before you chastise me, I know, I’m behind on my other follow up post.  As they say, “life happens.”

And while it was, I came across this article, in which a farmer examines the various benefits usually cited for ‘eating local,’ and makes a number of interesting points that contradict the usual thinking.

It’s an interesting read, and should make you a better thinker on the subject.

Here’s a passage or two to get you motivated:

…..the concept of “food miles” ignores the advantages that fertile land and agreeable climate give some producers.

There are perfectly defensible reasons both for shopping locally and for dispersing production, but protecting the environment isn’t one of them.

Local food isn’t always fresher, either.

You’ll be better informed after reading this, written by an actual farmer.


  1. The farmer from Tarkio, Missouri is nobody's fool and refuses to drink the Kool Aid being dished out of Washington. I say 3 cheers to him.

    Excellent post Poppycock!

  2. Its also why the framers of our Constitution did not give the government the power to do what they have done to and for the farmers and the consumer of farm products.