Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Tidbit or two on Maine

I happened to be at an event today where I heard the facts I am about to pass along.  There’s some bad news, and some good news.

I think I’ll start with the bad news, so we can end on a high note.

For the decade 1999-2009, Medicaid enrollment in Maine increased by 120,000.  That’s right, fully 9% of Maine’s population was added to the rolls of the government funded health care plan for the poor, raising the total to about 250,000.  As I recall, Maine is either first or second in the nation in Medicaid participation.

Now, let’s switch to the good news.  First, the population in Maine grew by about 44,000 during this period.

And here’s the really good news – we’ve added jobs during these 10 years.

56 jobs, to be exact.  That’s right: f-i-f-t-y  s-i-x  jobs.  Perhaps you know one of the 56 lucky winners.

Who says we don’t have a fine and sustainable economy here in Maine?

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