Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BNAS/Brooklyn Bridge Progress Update

Readers with intact memories may recall that we broke the story of Brunswick and the MRRA purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge in this post a few months back.

At that time, all we had to show you was a photo of the bridge that had been included by Bailey Properties in their sales pitch.

In a superb example of innovation since the purchase, development efforts to incorporate the bridge on the base, and to integrate it with the surrounding region, have progressed at a remarkable pace.

An anonymous free-lance source of Other Side’s has reported in on the transformation.  An inventive sort, the source launched his own drone over the region to snap telling photos.

He was willing to give us a free sample; you can see here how the bridge relates to the runways, and how comfortable BIW’s DDGs are in cruising under the span.


We’re currently working on an MOU (and conducting due diligence) before we consider signing up for more of his work.

He’d like us to offer a PIF (Poppycock Incentive Financing) to cement the deal. 

Given our flat advertising revenue in recent weeks, we don’t think we can swing it on our own, so we’re asking for supportive readers to send us a check for whatever you can afford to help us “lock in the deal.”  We’ll even take cash….just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to make a collection run to your place.

Please treat this with the importance it deserves; the last thing the region needs right now is a reputation for being free-lancer unfriendly, especially when drones are part of the deal.

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