Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just thought you’d want to know….

Oxford Aviation still hasn’t given up advertising their occupancy of BNAS Hangar 6 on their web site, as you can clearly see here.

We simply can’t figure out why responsible officials have not intervened in this flagrant misrepresentation of the relationship between Oxford and the MRRA.

As for Oxford – well, maybe the leaky roof and the slow settlement payments have occupied their energies, and they just haven’t had a chance to edit their web site.

Or maybe they’re leaving it as is at the advice of aviation entrepreneur F. Lee Bailey.  Too bad John Richardson didn’t have a chance to straighten out this ‘willful misinformation’ when he dined with Bailey and friends in Portland recently.  Protocols, protocols, protocols, no doubt.

Oh, well.  The place of the unwashed is not to reason why; it is to simply sit down, shut the old pie-hole, and be grateful for the permanent ruling class.

Back to the caldron, then.  The toads need tending.


  1. Not from MRRA, but think this is now idiotic.

  2. What is 'idiotic?' The reporting on the continued misrepresentation, or the authorities' failure to demand honest portrayal of base development?

  3. The lack of transparency on the part of MRRA and, for that matter, most of the state's activities is idiotic. No - make that appalling.

    JR is the worst possible candidate. We'd be better off with J. Fred Muggs as gov. As for Bailey, I have no clue why he's cavorting with ME deadbeat pols. But then, water seeks its own level.