Thursday, April 15, 2010

Other Side circulation and response booming!

From the beginning, Other Side has viewed itself as having something of a missionary mission in the field of journalism, reaching out to those who would not normally appreciate its world view. 

We never aimed to be a New York Times clone, or more to the point, echo the offerings of the Ostrich.  There’s enough lockstep posturing in the local media to satisfy the local demand for that and more.

So back up the Subarus and the Piouses and pay attention.

Simply put, we’ve been intent on conversions, on gentle and subtle cajoling and schmoozing of the questioning and the wandering, hoping to gain their allegiance to our view of things.  It’s obvious that this is a crap shoot.  One would think, though, that the more crap you shoot at, the more you’d hit.

And it seems to be true.  We’re pleased to announce that the “Double, double toil and trouble….” post is setting new records in readership.  We’re not sure why, given the irrelevance of the subject, but it has us thinking about a revenue generating model for our publication.  (There’s that pesky capitalism thing sneaking in again.)

The really exciting news is that metrics show we are, in fact, reaching the previously unreached.  There is hope after all.

To prove this, the “Double, double….” post has elicited 5 “idiotic” ratings against 2 “brilliant” ratings.  And the “Just thought you’d want to know..” post has drawn 3 for idiotic vs. 2 for brilliant.

Taken together, the totals are 8 for idiotic, and 4 for brilliant.

Proof enough, we believe, that we are reaching our target audience.  And the motivation derived from this response is impossible to quantify.

So we close with this commitment: we will do whatever we can to grab your attention and raise your consciousness. 

Or if you prefer, grab you by your hackles and raise your awareness.

And in closing, keep those idiotic ratings coming!  We appreciate the feedback.

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