Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ethics Commission Decision Letter

Students of the political “process,” and in particular the recent news on John Richardson’s withdrawal from the gubernatorial race, may want to read the Ethics Commission determination in the case.  You can find it here: Letter to Richardson.   Note the letter is dated Thursday of last week.

Richardson’s campaign issued an “important announcement” that comments thusly about the Commission staff’s findings:

The seed money contributions were found to be in order; however, they determined that we did not submit the sufficient number of $5 qualifying contributions. 

This is, obviously, a tremendous disappointment.  Even more troubling is that the commission staff identified instances where three circulators did not follow the proper process for collecting contributions.

Now you’ve got both views of the circumstance.  You can decide whether this was just a matter of adhering to “protocols,” or something that might be described differently.

And now you know……the Other Side of the story.

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