Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A breath of ‘fresh’ air…

For longer than we can remember, we’ve had to get by with the non-reporting, non-investigative efforts of the self-absorbed ‘mainstream media’ in Maine and Brunswick.

Their big-government advocacy has been reinforced by scores of organizations in the non-profit industrial complex that promote, prolong, and expand dependency on governmental benefits.

These are the hundred or more professionally staffed entities that claim ‘the disadvantaged have no voice,’ while they earn their living providing that voice.  Look here to see who they are.  Note the “Maine Can Do Better” mantle.

In contrast, we’ve often wondered who provides ‘the voice’ for working families who labor day after day to generate the revenue that funds the benefits for those dependent on government.

And we’ve never come up with a good answer.  But there is hope.

A new web-based news service has been created, intended to offer an alternative to the one-sided coverage of established media outlets.  It’s called TheMaineWire, and you can find it here. 

A relevant example of their reporting efforts, germane to Maine Can Do Better, follows:


Below is a sampling of the CEO salaries for some of the Maine Can Do Better groups:

  • Avesta Housing – $128,811 ($11 million in government funding)
  • Disability Rights Center – $95,955 ($1.6 million in government funding)
  • Family Planning Association – $102,454 ($3.8 million in government funding)
  • Preble Street – $88,109 ($2.5 million in government funding)

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England ($3 million in government funding)  lists four executives on its 990 form:

  • Nancy Mosher – $201,888
  • Thomas Frank – $170,213
  • Cheryl Gibson – $204,955
  • Susan Smith – $150,845

Looks like you can do quite well providing a voice for others.

We hope you’ll visit The MaineWire regularly, and help them succeed in offering another ‘voice.’

Lord knows we desperately need it.

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  1. Please note that these organizations are all 501-3C organizations and exempt from taxes but whose employees will all vote for those who sustain and support them while getting the services and funds from the government for producing nothing of value.