Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking under MSHA rugs…..OOPs!

The Maine State Housing Authority has been in the news plenty in recent weeks in stories about excessive housing prices, and then lax oversight of Section 8 landlords and properties.

Now some sunshine is coming in through MSHA office windows, and interesting things are coming in to view.

For those of you are not yet following MaineWire regularly, it’s time you begin.  In particular, you should read this recent item:


It concludes with this piece of work:

“I think,” McCormick is quoted in the Bangor Daily News, “the more people know about what we do and how we do it, the prouder they are going to be. I think we are a model for how quasi-government agencies should be operated.”

After you read the article, you’ll understand just how depraved and self-delusional the entrenched political ruling class has become.

Oh they’re a ‘model,’ alright.

Still, we are left to wonder whether the Maine Turnpike Authority took lessons from the MSHA or vice-versa.  Or even worse, that there is a centralized School of Hack-o-rama Studies hidden somewhere in the Greater Augusta region.

We’re gonna need ‘disinfectant’ by the truck loads around here.  Sunlight, especially this time of year, may not be enough.

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