Thursday, January 12, 2012

For the MRRA, it’s hummedeh hummedeh hummedeh time…


As the great man might say if he was mayor of Lake Basebegone, MRRA and Brunswick are now squarely ‘facing the tail of the bull.

Alan Horowitz, oops, I mean Klapmeier, and his Kestrel Aviation job explosion in the local area, are now one step closer to saying buh-by, ta-ta, and au revoir to the local landscape.

The Superior Telegram reported today:

An aircraft manufacturing facility in Superior gained a nod of approval Tuesday from the Douglas County Land and Development Committee.

The committee voted unanimously to transfer property at the fairgrounds to the city’s Redevelopment Authority to facilitate a proposed manufacturing facility for Kestrel Aircraft Company.

One of the more curious parts of the whole story is how the number of jobs to be created has increased since Kestrel’s whirlwind landed the plum aviation asset on the former Navy Base.  300 was the number used to win the prize here in Brunswick, Maine, but it took doubling down to 600 to grease the way in Wisconsin. 

Hey; you want jobs?  I got your jobs right here.

Their development authorities must be a lot tougher than ours.  Or maybe Maine workers are thought to be twice as productive as those slugs in Wisconsin.

Surely the Inferior Ostrich will do an in-depth investigative report to let us know how our local trustees missed those other 300 jobs.  And how ‘TIFs’ might be called into play to keep the deal alive.

In related news, local weather forecasts call for temperatures to continue in the 70’s.

Soon as we finish clearing all the warm air off the driveway, we’ll see if Stella can get hold of Senator Stan the Minority Man, Johnny Protocols, and FLee Bailey.  If the betting is still open, they could try dropping the job promise to 150.

Or they could bring in some milk-cows from Wisconsin to help the grass stay short and green, in an environmentally appropriate fashion consistent with the underlying story line.

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  1. Wisconsin is selling the land to Kestrel,The MRRA would only lease it and giving the strong socialism growing in Maine, with all teh government and quasi government agencies making pledges of allegiance to "social and economic justice" on their websites, why would any private enterprise worth that lofty name rent property from a socialist government business development corporation like the MRRA? A little extrapolation into a possible future finds your "landlord" deciding you are making too much of a profit and that you need to "spread the wealth around" and using this ideological justification decides to raise your rent.

    Another little problem.- the MRRA is both a municipal corporation AND an instrumentality of the state. Hmm maybe the feds read the charter and said "What The Heck is this!#@!*"