Monday, January 30, 2012

Is the Fro’ a go? Sure hope so!

(Ed note: if the Bohemian Coffee House can be called ‘The BoHo,’ we figure Frosty’s can go by ‘The Fro.’

We read just the other day in the Bowdoin Orient that the new owners of Frosty’s Donuts are busily at work planning for a grand re-opening.

We can’t wait.  We hope to be among the first to report on their offerings once they do open, and we wish them great success.

From what the article says, we should have high hopes the new owners will be carrying on the Frost’s tradition of making the best donuts anywhere.

Omdal and St. Andre will, for the most part, stay faithful to the Frosts' recipes and business model. They will also have Bob Frost in the kitchen, until the reopening, to help them along the way.

"We're keeping the basic donut recipe exactly the same, and we plan to be open seven days a week," said St. Andre.

Sounds like they are hard workers too.

We plan to stop by soon and offer our good wishes, and to volunteer as an experienced taster to help evaluate their progress.  We’ll also suggest some new items to try: long johns, buttermilk bars, and boston cremes.

All we ask is that they pay us a living donut wage in return.

Spread the word.  This young couple is taking on some hard work, and not many these days are up for that.  They should be rewarded with customer support for worthy efforts.


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