Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good morning, union brothers and sisters…..

Alright now, sing along with me:

“Solidarity forever, solidarity forever…”


You over there….why aren’t you singing?  And you, and you, and you all the way in the back?

What?  You aren’t union members?

Haven’t you seen the latest column on

Brunswick property taxpayers are sending along 1% or more of their tax assessments to the MEA for use in any way they see fit. This makes a taxpayer a de facto dues paying member of the union. Even worse, such taxpayers are deemed to be in full agreement with union officials on ballot issues, candidate support, and all other political campaign expenditures. And their lobbying efforts as well.

Now tomorrow morning, I want EVERYONE singing!  And make sure your tee-shirts are clean and neatly pressed! 

We may have to go to Augusta, but don’t worry; buses and signs will be provided.


  1. I am no fan of MEA as an organization, but what teachers do with their own salaries is no one else's business. If they choose to put part of their salary toward union dues every conservative who believes in free choice should be happy they can do so.

    The question of MEA Benefits Trust - a separate, but closely tied organization - is a different matter. But health insurance costs money and paying it to MEABT pr MMA's similar trust (then to Anthem) is just as valid as to any other provider.

  2. I hadn't counted on Union supporters helping to make my case here on Side, so thank you for the nice surprise.

  3. Did you say "choose" to put part of their salary toward dues?????

    Like us "choosing" to pay property taxes?

  4. No teacher or paraprofessional in any school system in Maine is forced to pay union dues. That choice is made individually.

    That being said, do you believe you are paying (United Steelworker or United Auto Worker) union dues when you buy a car?

  5. Questions for Nancy. As long as you're here, Nancy, would you mind answering a few related questions?

    Of all those eligible to 'choose' to be in the Maine teachers union, can you tell us how many choose membership, and how many don't?

    And can you tell us if those who 'choose' not to become members are still required to pay some level of dues to the union?

    While you're at it, are you happy that those who 'choose' to pay dues have no say in what candidates, issues, and bills their money is used to support or oppose?

    Should that make this conservative happy?

  6. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy! Surely you can do better.

    You answered only one of my three questions; apparently the answers to the other two would not be flattering to your cause.

    Your question about the car....this is where you really need to work on your thinking!

    To begin with, yes, I am not compelled by force of law to buy a car, as I am in paying property taxes.

    Furthermore, if I CHOOSE to buy a car, I can CHOOSE to buy it from whomever I wish, including non-union manufacturers.

    There are no laws preventing me from doing so, as there have been laws preventing me as a taxpayer from having a say in where my tax money is applied.