Thursday, September 13, 2012

“Dear Paul,” or how consultants leave us….


According to published reports on the recent School Board meeting, Marty and Kat of Systems in Sync have decided to stay in Vermont vis-à-vis consulting work for Brunswick’s School Board.

In what brings to mind the gut wrenching ‘Dear John’ letters of our innocent youth, Marty had this to say:

"We believe it is in both our best interest and the district's best interest to terminate this work," Marty Jacobs, president of Systems in Sync, said in a letter addressed to Superintendent of Schools Paul Perzanoski.

All that’s missing is the Seinfeld breakup shtick:

Breaking up is hard to do….

You can read the article here.

We’ll still wonder about a few things, regardless of the split.

Who and what was the impetus for Marty coming to Brunswick from far away, when she had no other clients in Maine?

How will the School Board, deemed not ready for strategic planning, overcome that handicap, without the ministrations of $1200 a day facilitators?

Without professional consultants to point to as why the outcomes are what they are, who will step up and take accountability?

One way or another, it should be amusing to watch the will of the community bent to the will of the school department.

You do support the children, don’t you?

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