Friday, September 7, 2012

Is it our destiny? Or just dumb luck?

We know many of you believe we were born to do this job.  These are flattering thoughts.  As we’ve said before, however comma we’re quite proud of our humility, and we strive to see that such perceptive views do not get into our fat (size 7 3/4) head.

But sometimes, as the old saying goes, “Side happens.”  Case-in-point, our posts this week on the travel arrangements of Senator Stan the Minority Man, or, if you prefer, Gerzetto.

On Monday, we published a post puzzling over our man’s travel to Charlotte for the just concluded convention.  We played off the theme of a Magic Carpet ride.

We think the flowing robes and unique flight helmet (could it be custom made by Tony Lama?) perfectly compliment our man’s stature.

It later occurred to us that there was another option for his travels, and we posted about it here yesterday.  The new angle was the possibility of Stan winging to NC on the Pingree-Sussman private corporate jet.  They could have picked him up at Brunswick’s Executive Airport, and his Caddy would be in safe hands on the premises while he was gone.  We know the jet’s crew carries a red carpet for such moments.

                N888CE @ KDCA - Taxi DCA - by Ronald Barker

Now the “Side happens” angle.  After publishing these posts, one of our little birds reminded us that the Pingree-Sussman private corporate jet is registered to – brace yourself, now – Magic Carpet Enterprises LLC, of which Sussman is the sole owner.  At least he was two years ago.  You can read about it here and here.

You know the old saying – one congresswoman’s Dassault FALCON 2000EX is another senator’s magic carpet.  We’ll take the accommodations in the former over the latter, however.

So, back to the opening conundrum: is it destiny, or dumb luck, or for the more mystical among you, karma?

We report and we laugh; you can decide.

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