Monday, September 17, 2012

Some times, you just gotta go with the Fro.’

Small businesses, as we are constantly being reminded, are the backbone of the American economy.  For all the ones that make it, there are many that fail.  They rise to quickly, and then just as quickly, fall flat.

Sometimes, novice owners jump from the fat to the fryer.  Other times, their business model is full of holes.  Oh, they may try to glaze over the details, but unless you can raise your product to customer expectations, you just might lose the dough you invested.

Twist things this way and that way and you might get lucky; or you can sugar coat things to attract more interest.  The icing on the cake, though, is when you find the secret recipe for keeping things improving, and the proof is in the tasting.

Ok, we’ve exhausted our punspiration; let’s just get to the news.  Today’s big city newspaper reports that Brunswick’s own Frostys', which has had an amazing renaissance under the inspired ownership of Nels and Stacy, is expanding yet again.  You can find the story here:

The anchor location is doing a land-office business, operating seven days a week.  We stopped in Friday before 9:30 am, and they were more or less out, with more being cooked in the back, by a sizable crew.

They opened an annex in Freeport a few weeks ago, and from what we hear, that location is doing gangbusters.

Now they’re about to open a new location in South Portland.  We wish them the very best in their endeavors, as we personally think Frostys’ products are head and shoulders above all the rest; they leave the chains (Dunkin’, Tim Horton’s) in the dust, and the local originals, like Tony’s, offer a completely different product that has it’s own devoted fans.

We hope you’ll go to the article linked above and give Frostys a vote in the poll.

And we hope that the owners don’t over-extend themselves to the point of exhaustion.  From everything we’ve seen so far, they have a solid grasp of the business they’re in, mastering all the aspects that make them successful.  And they are a true pleasure to do business with, emphasizing the personal touch.

All in all, they have a very well-rounded operation.  A donut may not be as profound as the circle of life, but it’s damn close in some respects!

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