Monday, September 17, 2012

Have you ever, ever, ‘seen it all?’

We don’t think so.  And that was driven home to us this weekend by an ad in one of Maine’s larger newspapers.

Talk about strange branding, and appealing to the lowest common denominator, the ad was for “Vampire Facelifts.”  This should come as no surprise though; In a culture currently fascinated with zombies, this makes sense in a bizarre sort of way.

Go here to check it out:, and make an appointment, if you wish.

Now that we think of it, we have seen some faces around town in recent years that look like they’ve been to the Vampire doctors.

Who knew our own little backwater was rife with such trendsetters?

Which reminds us of how much we miss the great black and white movies of yesteryear, with Bela Lugosi avowing how he didn’t want to hurt the fair damsel; he only wanted to ‘suck her blood.’

We wonder if our GPS will tell us ‘you can’t get to Transylvania from here.’

Dracula-Bela Lugosi

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