Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Go, go; go Johnny go!

How quickly time ‘flies’ and things come full circle.  And apparently, how short the memory of the average voter is.

We ran the photo below in an April, 2010 post in the formative years of this revered media outlet.

It ran in the Portland Press Herald coverage of the Richardson SNAFU, with this caption:

John Richardson, right, sitting with attorney and friend F. Lee Bailey at Wild Oats Bakery and Cafe in Brunswick on Monday, discusses what led up to his being denied Clean Election money.

Soon after, Bailey reportedly moved to Maine, though we’ve heard precious little of him since.  His self-described status as an ‘aviation expert’ and entrepreneur seems to have stalled in mid-air.

Johnny “Protocols,” as we called him back then, seems to have successfully distanced himself from the half a dozen or more Fortune 500 companies he was ‘in discussions with’ back then about setting up operations on the former Brunswick Naval Air Station (Brunswick Landing, if you insist.)

And the Fortune 500 firms, apparently, forgot about their discussions as well, once Johnny’s prospects for becoming Governor went in the tank.  Funny how that works. 

But rehabilitation, or as we like to call it, rehab, has revived many a political career.

Now, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, comes a report that Johnny is getting his coif tweaked, and will run for the at large seat on the Brunswick Town Council.  This would be the one held by Joanne King for a good long time, most of it as Council Chair.  She has chosen not to run again, understandably, given the work load and the obligation to endure all sorts of abuse from aggrieved citizens.

In case you’ve forgotten, Joanne was the treasurer for Johnny Protocol’s ill fated campaign for Governor, though she escaped any culpability for the campaign’s ethical challenges.      

Given his ‘complicated’ relationships in both Augusta and Brunswick over the years, we’re wondering how this news is sitting with Gerzetto, the would be puppet-master of Brunswick.   Here he is with one of his young puppets, who made it all the way to the statehouse before his growing nose cost him his office.


Things could always have been worse, of course (or better??)  Whose to say whether the House of Sartoris would have put forth a successor to the crown if Johnny hadn’t beat them to it?

Maybe one of these days we’ll have a Bombay Sapphire on the rocks with Johnny….in a gesture of…..we don’t know….accommodation?….accord?…..détente?

Or just plain digging for the inside story.  We’d of course want to know what this portends for Johnny’s future aspirations.

What stories we’d have to tell if we happened to run into Gerzetto at the same watering hole!  We’d even pick up the tab, since the poor guy has no income, and you can’t buy a drink in any place we know with sweaty Tony Lamas or Harley decals.


  1. As I opined in your previous post, he will be elected. The faces are different but the philosophy is the same. Government is the answer and I can solve any of your problems using other peoples money while skimming some off for myself.

  2. WOW! I'm flabbergasted to think of the possibilities that this development provides. We'll have to build an expansion to the "back room" in the new Council chambers at the McClellan Building!

  3. Wow, we will now have 3 lawyers of the same political persuasion and philosophy...could this lead to a Bulgarian type fist fight to get to the top of the pecking order. The other Council members don't stand a chance. And, F. Lee will be in the audience at John Boy's coronation.