Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A bit of follow-up on The McLellan heating issue…


In this recent post, we said the following:

On the discussion about The McLellan, after hearing about the current financials of the ‘project,’ someone in the public, as we recall, brought up a heating system concern.  While we couldn’t quite discern what was going on, Councilor Perreault added to our interest in this issue when he suggested something to the effect that ‘had we known about the problem sooner, we might have done something about it.’  ‘But it’s too late now, so we’ll just have to live with it.’

If we’re citing his remarks in error, he’s free to submit a correction.

We received an input from one of our sources a few months ago referring to some sort of lurking, very expensive situation regarding the building’s central heating plant.  The implication was that the annual heating bills could be in the range of $100,000.  We did a bit of looking into things, including a visit to the building, and could find nothing definite to report to you.  We worried, of course, that Bowdoin’s use of the third floor rent free for ten years does not require them to pay for heating and air conditioning their space.

Concerned that we had missed something, we did a bit more looking into the matter.  The first thing we re-learned was that the relevant building ‘inspection’ was performed in September 2010.  You can read it here, just as we did.

To begin with, we apologize for not being expert enough in the relevant technology and terminology to comprehend just what the details of this inspection should have raised in the way of concerns.  And we’re sorry we didn’t do a better job following up on a lead we got from a reader.


More to the point, we call Bravo Sierra to any assertion that ‘had we known about this, we might have done something about it.’  As we see it, an inspection dated more than three years ago provides sufficient lead time to address related issues.   Gary Brown’s dismissal may be an explanation for this shortcoming.  On the other hand, he may be a convenient scapegoat.

It appears now that the annual operating cost differential for The McLellan compared to 28 Federal may be in the range of $100,000.  At least for utilities, of which, if we understand things, Bowdoin will pay no portion for their ten year occupation of the third floor of the building.

Seems fair to us, because without them, Brunswick would be nothing, 

As is Other Side.

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