Thursday, February 6, 2014

BDC document update

Whatever the technical problem had been, it is now resolved, and we can post the three revisions to Brunswick Development Corporation guiding documents.

We have not read them, so we can not offer any piercing or non-piercing commentary.  If you find things worthy of comment, please do so using the comment option at the bottom of the post, or email us directly.



  1. To quote John Richardson,you'd have to "almost be a lawyer" to understand that stuff. Basically, the way I interpret this, everybody's ass is covered, even if they do something downright wrong,....

  2. The state's own power to foster development is covered by Article 9 Section 14 of the Maine constitution. The Legislature may pass this authority to the towns but cannot, under law, pass on more authority than itself possesses. Under Section 14 the State may only guarantee loans for specific purposes, it cannot make them. Therefore the actions of the BDC in making loans of taxpayer monies is illegal. That said there is nothing you are going to do about it because the Legislature itself is breaking its own law and is not about to punish itself for doing so. I cite Pine Tree Zone legislation, the creation of the MRRA and so on.

    The ballot box is not the answer to this problem because those who benefit from it outnumber those who suffer on its account.