Saturday, February 1, 2014

Post Script on The McLellan


The exterior photos we posted yesterday of the building deterioration aren’t large enough or close-up enough to give you a clear impression of just how bad things really are.  So we heartily encourage you to take a quick walk around the building the next time you’re over that way.  We expect most of you transit through the general area of Hannaford’s etc on a regular basis. 

It won’t take you five minutes to walk all the way around the building and see for yourself the ‘deferred maintenance’ condition that has been allowed to fester.  Compliments of the town, or Bowdoin College, or both.

SOMEBODY is responsible for allowing the building exterior to reach a state where it is in dire need of repair and refinish.  Next thing you  know we’ll see a tree growing out of a crack in the trim on an upper floor.

Wait!  Maybe that’s it!  Perhaps the town contracted with the School Department to maintain the building.  That would explain a lot.  The same folks that leave broken toilets unrepaired and allow roof beams to fail because of snow load are pretty well trained at not keeping things in good repair, and not preventing serious problems.

After you take your walk-around, remind yourself that the major repairs that took place at our house began with tending to some ‘peeling’ on about a 2 foot section of 1x6 trim board, and grew from there.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Huge repair bills from little touch ups grow.

Who knows what problems lurk in the heart of The McLellan?


Here’s hoping he shows up soon, and while he’s at it, could he please attend Monday night’s town council meeting to give them a report?

There’s a dozen of Frosty’s finest in it for him.

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