Saturday, February 8, 2014

Well…what do you think?



We’ve been thinking from time to time that freshening up the look of Other Side has been way overdue.  In particular, we were seeking a wider text field, given our penchant for wordiness.

After looking at the templates available to us, we have tentatively selected this one.  It looks like the old one is no longer in the mix, so we may not be able to return to it.  Figuratively speaking, we will never be ready for this look:


We intend to update the boilerplate scattered around the site the second chance we get.

Let us know what you think.  In a civil voice, please.



  1. Not nearly as crusty as the old look, kudos on being open to.....change! Just don't start shaving your chest and armpits......

  2. Nice format. I particularly like the color. If we are going to live in the red we might as well make it noticeable.