Sunday, February 9, 2014

Post script on palace intrigue



As a  reader has pointed out, Mr. Manager is implicated twice in the article as being the instigator of the meeting we posted on earlier.

Pols said Thursday he called the meeting in order to “narrow the agenda” for a planned Feb. 10 workshop on road proposals at Cook’s Corner.  “It was (Town Manager) Gary (Brown)’s suggestion after discussing the proposed agenda” that Howard and Schott be approached.

And then there’s this, mentioning again two ‘participants:’

Pols and two participants in the meeting said it was Brown who requested the meeting on behalf of Pols.

OK; it’s all clear now.  Except the rules for separating church and state when it comes to town business:

Asked if the meeting could endanger development at Cook’s Corner, Watson said “I pray to God that it doesn’t,” a sentiment echoed by Favreau, who said he was “floored” that the meeting took place.

This does seem like Bizarro world at times.

At least if you judge by two participants, among an undefined number, since most have gone unnamed.


We are in awe of the reporting on the subject.  And a bit floored as well.  Should you run across the article, choose wisely whether to read it or not.


  1. Remember, the Town Manager not only works for the Town but himself and it would not surprise me that in the past few years he has been positioning himself to take advantage of those who would curry favors from the town in hopes of getting in on some of the largess available. I wonder what position he will take in some of his benefactors when he finally leaves?

    1. Well, he's got six months that he can sit around watching cartoons while he figures that out....

    2. He could very well end up in Lisbon, where Priority Group and Harpswell Partners have already set their sights on. The rubes up there should be prime for some taxpayer funded urban renewal.....