Monday, June 30, 2014

A movie tip…..Jersey Boys!


Side and Mrs. Side just came from a 12:30 screening of Clint Eastwood’s film version of “Jersey Boys” at the Regal Cinema at Cooks Corner.

We both loved it.  Your correspondent thinks it’s one of the best movies he’s seen in some time.

It doesn’t hurt that we were born and raised about 15 miles from where the story is based.  Or that we’re ‘of an age’ where the music brings back a lot of great memories, as do the cars and other props that mark the era perfectly.  Sometimes these ‘set pieces’ from another age look too phony…they push the costumes, décor, and other signs of the times too hard, and it all looks contrived.

Not this time.  We’ll give Clint Eastwood, the Director and Producer, the major credit for this; he’s even older than we are, and he knows how to do this with appropriate finesse.

We saw the stage musical in Toronto, probably 4 years or so ago, and it was electric!  An infectious show, that even our daughter got swept up into after a song or two.


If your tastes run in this direction, and you have a chance to see it in New York or elsewhere, don’t miss it.  But if you can’t, or even if you have, see the movie too.

You don’t get the feeling it’s a ‘forced’ adaptation like you sometimes do with classic musicals in the past such as Mame, Fiddler on the Roof, etc.  Instead, the movie stands perfectly fine on its own, and adds much detail to the background of the group’s story.

So, we say, give it a shot!  The music is great, there wasn’t a dull moment, the finale was a real surprise, and no one left until the credits were completely finished….because the music continued to play until the very end.


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