Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stand-by for more incoming….


Speaking of incoming, which we did the other day in the “Cough, cough…” post, we heard a distant round being fired in this little snippet from the web site of a local newspaper:


In this case, of course, incoming means constant and substantial property tax increases as far as the eye can see.  And you thought we escaped the piper with a 3.5% increase this year.

Incoming will be accompanied by the standard rhetoric used to ‘soften the battlefield:’

  • “It’s for the children.”
  • “The longer we wait, the higher the price will climb.”
  • “The more we’ve looked at it, the clearer it becomes that renovation isn’t enough; we need a new school, plus the renovations to Coffin and BJHS.”
  • “We realize this is a tough burden to take on, but we’re confident that the good people of Brunswick will want to preserve and expand upon the excellence of our schools.”
  • “It’s for the children.”
  • “If we don’t take this bold and foresighted step, Brunswick’s incredible growth will come to a halt.”
  • “Rich Ellis has done a thorough analysis of the figures, and he’s convinced us this is the only rational choice we have.”
  • “It’s for the children.”
  • “In the long run, isn’t $65 million worth it to preserve our quality of life and that of our students?”
  • “It’s unfair for some kids to have the advantage of the new HBS School, and not others.  This is about equity, fairness, and social justice.”
  • “If we don’t do this, the Downeaster won’t come to Brunswick anymore.”
  • “It’s for the children.”
  • “I’ll gladly pay higher taxes if it’s ‘for the children.’”

Update:  We think it appropriate to add this snippet we quoted in a post last week; it fits our tone here perfectly:

“We haven’t had a very collective notion of ‘these are our children,’ so, part of it is that we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.” Your kids belong to the government, so says MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry.


Professionals with impeccable credentials, and well established credibility with the schoolerati, will be on hand to assist in ‘community consensus building.’


A few PowerPoint slides here, a few more there, and next thing you know, excitement builds for a brand new local monument that builds upon the unprecedented architectural ‘statement’ made by HBS School.  We know what it says to us; we’re guessing it may say something different to you.

Keep in mind that no-one in the ruling class here in Cape Brunswick has said one whit about the State paying for the construction of the new school, or renovation of the two relics.  Not even GoJo, the honorary Governor of our little corner of paradise.

So it would be best if you remember one of the established principles that apply in such circumstances.


Fortunately, you’ve got time to get your helmet on by talking to your employers, or whomever else provides your revenue stream, to let them know you’re going to require substantial increases to  hold on to your position.  

Don’t even think of moving to a nearby community with what will end up being half of our property tax rate; retreating is overrated.  And you’d miss out on all the pride involved.

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