Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Update: FRA issues FONSI approving NNEPRA MLF Construction at Brunswick West

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Here’s the news: the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) as the final step in reviewing environmental considerations attendant to construction of a Maintenance and Layover Facility (MLF) by NNEPRA at the Brunswick West location adjacent to the Bouchard Drive in-town neighborhood.


Here’s the actual posted decision, which appears here: http://www.fra.dot.gov/Page/P0669


Attachments to the announcement are as follows:

Brunswick Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI):

Brunswick Layover Facility - FONSI

FONSI Attachments 1 through 3

Brunswick Layover Facility - Environmental Assessment (EA):

Brunswick Layover Facility EA

Appendix A - Agency Correspondence

Appendix B - Project Siting Report

Appendix C - Industrial Site Alternative

Appendix D - Air Quality Assessment

Appendix E - Noise and Vibration Technical Report

Appendix F - Categorical Exclusion for Downeaster Portland North Additional Projects

Appendix G - Maine Department of Environmental Protection Assessment Summary

Appendix H - Geotechnical Reports

We haven’t read the FONSI document itself, or the attachments to it.  So we’re not prepared to comment in any way.  We’re simply intent on getting the news out.  As you might guess, we’re a bit stunned by the outcome, knowing as we do the details of the issue.

At least Brunswick Taxi can continue their services to Amtrak crews on a regular basis.  We wouldn’t want to see the Kings, of either sort, have their kingdoms undermined.


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  1. The Maine Constitution does not permit the Legislature to establish public corporations other that public municipal ones, that is towns. The reason for this is simple. The government was never constituted to be in competition with private enterprise. The defenders of NNEPRA say that if the government didn't do it no one would. In that they are right, because there is already bus service between Brunswick and Portland and Boston and doing it with a railroad is a money losing proposition as we have already found out with AMTRAK which the federal government established unconstitutionally.