Saturday, June 7, 2014

Grand-kids and Grand-dogs

Update:  We’ve been advised that our Grand-dog’s name is Cinnamon, not Moxie, as had been advertised a few days ago.

Those of you who are fond of (love) dogs know that we’ve shown our two ‘kids,’ Boo-Boo and Sweetie-Bitch, on our blog home page from the very beginning.

They’re now 12 plus years old, blind, and best we can tell, pretty much deaf.  Boo-Boo and Magoo are the names we use more these days.

We have four grand-children at this point: two in Massachusetts, and two in New Jersey.  We’ve had ‘step grand-dogs’ a few times, but never one that was a permanent family addition.

That changes today.


Pictured above is “Moxie,” a roughly six week old Chocolate Lab, who checked in at 12 pounds a day or so ago, on the way to her ‘forever home.’  Which is with the half of our expanded family that lives in New Jersey.

While we personally prefer ‘dark chocolate’ over milk chocolate, that doesn’t matter much when it comes to dogs.

Besides; ‘dark’ is in the eyes of the beholder, and she looks pretty dark to us.  We’ll be spending a week with her before too long, and we hope she still fits on our lap when we do.  We still welcome Booboo, at 45 pounds or so, on our lap when he wants to be there.   His sister gave up the habit a while back.

You know how it is; the ‘kids’ grow up so fast you hardly have a chance to take it all in.

We suppose a few of you smart-alecks out there will say ‘we don’t see much physical resemblance, but we’re guessing your breath smells the same.’  Thanks.

Puppy kisses have a way of becoming one of your favorite things, dog-breath or not.

Just like our posts.  So there.

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