Monday, October 12, 2009

Bizzaro Parking: The Answer

In this item I mused about the oddly arranged diagonal parking spots in the Maine Street Station development.

Ever curious, this reporter went on the hunt for an explanation, and several days of bird-dogging turned one up. And all it cost me were several black and blue marks and a bruised ego delivered courtesy of my source, who scolded Side for not providing regular coverage at all town meetings, including the one at which this "outside the box" approach was discussed.

Here is the rationale for the approach, according to a brochure on the subject:

1. Improved visibility and increased field of vision.
2. Decreased number of collisions.
3. Improved safety for children and cyclists (drivers can see them)
4. Improved loading and unloading--trunks and hatchbacks are on the sidewalk side, not the traffic side.
5. Traffic calming.

Reportedly, this parking method has been adopted by cities and towns from Honolulu to Birmingham, Ala., to Pottstown, Pa., and several in between. Tuscon reported an average of three to four bike/car crashes per month before back-in angled parking and none in the four+ years following implementation.

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