Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So...... you don't visit anymore?

Side notes that some readers have not been as diligent at checking in as they should be; shame on you.

Our reputation for compassionate understanding here in the news room has not been established without good cause, however. Your mouse like playing while the local "cat" was attending to other matters is recognized and forgiven.

The current situation is just the opposite of the update from a week or so ago. This reporter now finds his-self with an over-abundance of subjects to discuss, so the editorial board will be called in to perform "triage" on the list of topics, which range from whimsical, to wistful, to more substantive and current.

Let not your hearts and minds be troubled; the keyboard is being lubed and the presses are being cranked up. I'm even having my Walter Winchell fedora steamed and blocked.

Till the next post,


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