Monday, October 12, 2009

Bizzaro Parking: In Pictures

Given Side's well known inability to succinctly and clearly articulate various concepts, the editors were concerned that "Bizzaro Parking" may not have been clearly enough explained. Especially for those unfamiliar with Bizzaro World.

So the editors dispatched a staff photographer to "The Station" to capture the concept visually. Here are the photos taken today:

Some readers may think that the images were flipped in the camera, but rest assured they were not. This is the cognitive disconnect of back in parking coming in to play. As amply demonstrated by those working on the site today who did exactly what most would do, absent significant financial penalties.

Which leads to another theory. Perhaps this is how the town intends to cover its losses on the development of The Station. Who needs parking meters when a goodly number of the uninitiated will be incurring significant fines for not thinking counter-intuitively?

Ah, there's that Diogenes side of me again. Slap, slap, whack, whack.

On a related note, the photos were taken in proximity of the second generation Scarlet Begonia's, whose opening the Poppycocks anxiously await. Recently, for old time's sake, we made one last visit to Scarlets the first generation. The photo below shows us with friends and Doug the owner along with Sally his daughter, who ran "the front of the house" with gracious skill and personality.

Here's hoping the new location builds on the considerable legend established at the original. Best to you, Doug, Colleen, and all the rest!

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  1. Well, the Town is going to need another revenue stream to recoup its investment in Maine Street Station. I did not see that property among the top 10 taxpayers in Brunswick. With only two buildings on the site, it will be years and years before the Town collects the millions of dollars of tax revenue necessary. Jobs are nice, but the State not the Town collects income taxes. At $5 per parking ticket, how long will it take?