Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey Stella, you betta order some more cellophane

Another message sent just now to the town council:


I did a bit more research on the Oxford/Job Fair issue. Here are the results:

This item includes a video shot at the Oxford site and shows you Jim Horowitz live and in person. It talks of a 97% increase in the business by moving to Brunswick, and keeping the "65 jobs" in Oxford at the current site. How it makes sense from an economic standpoint is beyond me. An obscure rural facility with lease problems etc does not seem like a winner, nor does it recognize economies of scale.

The Oxford Aviation Employment Application from their web site says the application is active for 45 days. After that period, people need to re-inquire.

This item says Oxford had 1000 people show up at the job fair, and that they have an 8-10 year backlog of business. (Now that I think of it, 1000 folks would be quite a crowd to accommodate at a four hour job fair on Industry Road. That whole area should have been backing up Federal Street, Mason Street, etc. It should have been an unforgettable traffic and parking mess if nothing else. The photo on the Oxford web site doesn't make it look THAT busy. Oh well, estimating is an art, not a science.)

The frequent quotes of 65 jobs at Oxford location are not borne out by the Forecaster's on site visit, or this writer's drive by the facility and parking lot count.

This item from Channel 6 cites more claims from Horowitz.

This item is an MPBN report on the workshop with added quotes from Horowitz and other discussion. It also has an audio clip.

Other related items:




This one has a different video clip.


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