Friday, September 27, 2013

Apocalypse Now: The Brunswick Sequel

Remember this famous scene?


As we told you in our post last night, we left the NNEPRA meeting at the Brunswick council chambers with a fresh coating of diesel engine fumes in our nose, on our lips, and in our mouth.  And it only took a few minutes after a diesel engine arrived just outside for the fumes to work their magic and infuse themselves into our very being.

We’re not at all pleased to tell you that 12 hours later, we awoke with the lovely essence of the fumes still intact in our nasal and oral areas.

If only those who think the MLF is perfectly fine along Bouchard Drive could have the same experience, perhaps they might see things differently.  Frankly, we think the next meeting on this subject should be held somewhere within 100 ft of an idling diesel engine to add some real personal experience to the discussion.

And if we could find a way to bottle the fumes, we’d like to see them dispersed into the Banquet Room where Train Riders Northeast will be holding their gala 25th anniversary banquet in Portland.  They should revel in the realism, we would think.

We’re puzzled as to why they aren’t holding the gala in a lovely tent right next to a functioning Amtrak station, complete with real diesel engines humming away.  If they’re so in love with the Amtrak concept, shouldn’t they want the objects of their affection as a backdrop to the bloviating that is sure to take place?

Given our newfound understanding of just how memorable nearby diesel engines can be, we suggest that the town consider renaming Bouchard Drive to Diesel Fumes Lane.  If it takes a petition to do so, lets ask Train Riders Northeast to lead the way in collecting signatures.


For those of you who think the previous images are a bit harsh, how about this one:


Here in Brunswick, you see, a cute little puddy tat and some flowers can make just about any medicine go down OK.

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