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“DGiles:” town governing elite, and ad hominem purveyor ad nauseum

(Note to Senator Stan:  You’ll want to read the entire column, since you have been ‘targeted’ with some particularly juvenile barbs.)

As you know, here on Other Side, we welcome readers of all stripes, because we make just as much money from those who disagree with us as from those who do agree with us.  All we ask is that those who wish to participate avoid being disagreeable, even if they do disagree with us.

Lately we’ve noticed a “D Giles'” popping up on comment pages in local media outlets, including this one.  His comments in both places have been, you might say, less civil than one would expect from thinking and respectful adults.

Here are a few examples of the deposits he’s made in Side’s public comment punchbowl:

“Bowdoin does pay taxes. Plus unrestricted cash to the town. Facts don't matter to you, because it would make your rants less interesting. Brunswick's own Rushbo. Old fat white guy.” on Poor Bowdoin College; lucky for them, they’re a ‘non-profit,’ and exempt from taxes…   DGiles, Sept 19


“Check out the Town of Brunswick web page, go to the Finance page, go to tax committment page and search for Bowdoin. This blog won't paste it well, but for the lazy old fat white guy(s), here is the data. U17‐095‐000‐000 01311458 BOWDOIN COLLEGE C/O…”   DGiles, Sept 20


“Mitch, you are an idiot.” on Johnny on the Spot: JP comes to our rescue on BDC and the BTC DGiles, Sept 29

You may recall that we made reference to his calling us old, fat, lazy, and a white guy in previous posts.  We have a thick skin, both literally and figuratively, so we could care less what he calls us.  We’ve been called far worse by sitting councilors at town meetings.

The last item above crosses a line, however.  He chose to attack one of our readers, instead of us.  So we decided to look into just who this ‘DGiles’ is.

Wouldn’t you just know it?; he’s a member of Brunswick’s governing elite class.  According to this source, Giles is a Board Member of the Brunswick Downtown Association (as of 7/20/13), and is also a member of the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals, having been nominated to that position by then Councilor Jacquie “J.P.” Sartoris in February, 2005.  


You can’t come with a higher recommendation than that.

And according to the town web site, he still is.

We also recalled his name appearing elsewhere, as we noted above, so we went looking, and here are some lovely comments he’s posted on various items in The Forecaster.  We won’t bother you with those in which he shows a normal demeanor.  Just those that show the real inner DGiles.

Brunswick train depot foes: 'We will refute everything' at federal hearing

David Giles12 days ago



Town will mediate, may regulate, in ongoing clash between Cape Elizabeth gun club, neighbors

David Giles19 days ago

“So much like buying a house next to train tracks, then complaining about trains going by the house, or a train facility being built next to the train tracks.”


Unusual loan prompts scrutiny of Brunswick Development Corp.

David Gilesa month ago

“They pay excise taxes in Brunswick. Sad attempt Pembrook.”


Federal review of Brunswick train depot could provide neighborhood relief

David Giles3 months ago

“That may be the area that is protected as a water supply for Brunswick and Topsham.
And the area off Pleasant and Bouchard has been used as an outdoor maintenance yard. For every one person opposed to this, there are 100 in support. The ones opposed are so radical and viscious (sic) that most people choose to remain quiet.”


Proposed redevelopment bill incites war of words between Brunswick legislator, town councilors

David Giles5 months ago

“Yes, it is time for Stanley to stay home and take care of his mommy.”


Brunswick train layover facility moves forward, opposition continues

David Giles5 months ago

“Are you able to substantiate any of your accusations or are you drinking the Senator's self-serving Kool-Aide?”


Brunswick train layover facility moves forward, opposition continues

David Giles6 months ago

“The facts are what the facts are. This is the best location, it is properly zoned, does not require environmental sacrifices and is economically sound. Any of the other locations would cost millions more. Does that make sense? Try getting the facts, you might be surprised what you will learn.
Bringing the Town Council into this argument makes as much logic as bringing in the Vatican. They each have the same say in this matter.”


Noise concerns persist in Brunswick as Downeaster ridership exceeds expectations

David Giles10 months ago

“The supporters of the train in Brunswick greatly outnumber the two or three who are opposed. Of course, that would not make for a good article.”


Downeaster noise concerns persist in Brunswick as ridership exceeds expectations

David Giles10 months ago

“Check Google Earth, interesting that on a random day, it shows a length of freight trains idling off Bouchard Drive in the rail yard. Gerzofsky has done everything possible to kill the train to Brunswick, he has been on the wrong side of this from the very beginning. Funny thing is, I saw him smiling and waving on the podium during the celebration of the first train. hypocrite”


Hazardous materials, possible unexploded munitions still a worry at former Brunswick air base

David Gilesa year ago

“BACSE needs to go the way of the Navy, simply go away.”


Maine Heritage Policy Center names its chief economist as CEO

David Gilesa year ago

“he is a putz.”


Meet Jon Courtney: Looking to win ‘one handshake at a time’

David Gilesa year ago

“I have met him and he has to be the weakest candidate that the R's could have possibly put up to run against Pingree. The best thing about him running for this is that he will be out of the State Legislature.”


Maine State Housing Authority board chairman denies ‘witch hunt,’ says affairs improving at agency

David Gilesa year ago

“Anastos is a liar. I have known him for years and he is the lowest of the low.”


Op-ed: The Not-So-Secret Libretto Tricks of School Budget Intimidation

David Gilesa year ago

“Jim Ashe is the architect of the problems inherited by the current administration.”


In case you missed our main point here, it’s that DGiles is a specialist in ad-hominem attacks.  Some might find it unseemly for town officials to engage in such rude behavior.  We don’t. 

We think its worse than that.  But our town has a long and distinguished record in such matters, especially when it comes to browbeating opponents to the ordained town agenda promulgated from the seat of power.

While we don’t think DGiles ‘just graduated,’ we’re fond of this graphic, so we’re including it:


Actually, judging from his behavior, DGiles could well be in school with the rest of the gnarly teenagers.

But this may actually be a better likeness:


Or maybe this, which who knows, he might have ‘sexted’ to some classmates, a’la Carlos Danger:


One more thing; we think it’s important to note that DGiles has been a key player in the Amtrak MLF proposal getting this far, via his role on the Planning Board of Appeals.  As proof, we’ve posted the decision sheet from April 21, 2011, in which he voted with three others to approve a zoning variance for NNEPRA. 

We understand that the specifics of the building footprint have changed since that approval, and that a number of other ‘anomalies’ applied to this action.  The variance request was to increase the building footprint from the permitted 20,000 sq. ft. to 39,560 sq ft.  Now the footprint is at 50,530 sq. ft, or 11,000 more than the number approved two years ago.

We may have more on these details later.  For now, an objective reading of the ‘variance criteria’ would suggest a completely bogus vote.

Specifically, Item 1: the land in question will not yield a ‘reasonable return’.  Item 2: the property circumstances are not unique, and the neighborhood conditions are.  Item 3: The granting of the variance will most certainly alter the essential character of the location.  Item 4: hardship?  What hardship?

Crockus maximus, as they say in Latin.

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