Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Latest From Lake Basebegone….

With Side’s summer hiatus and our recent focus on Cape Brunswick, the richest little town in America, we’ve given short shrift to the goings on in Lake Basebegone.  You, of course, our dedicated followers, expect us to give tall shrift to said goings on.

You know about Lake Basebegone; it’s where all the children are above average, all the schools are excellent, houses only sell because of the excellent schools, each and every teacher is a saint, all the municipal ‘investments’ simulate economic development and reduce the burdens of government, public funds are not public or private funds, schools underachieve because of insufficient taxpayer funds, public buildings are a boon to demolition contractors, and keeping physical assets in good repair is so yesterday, and counterproductive to community pride.

It’s also where elected officials are humble, self-sacrificing, and public service oriented, men are hard working, and women are good looking and protectors of the public trust.  In the most gentle of ways.

But you already knew that, so let’s move beyond the perfected state of civic affairs we’ve all come to know and expect.

The latest news takes the form of a question:  is Lake Basebegone big enough for two protagonists identified here on Other Side by the initials “J.P.?”  For years, we’ve referred to John Richardson, one time Speaker of the House and Candidate for Governor as ‘Johnny Protocols’, or Johnny (J.P.) Richardson.  To find out why, remember this post.

J.P.’s star has been ascending recently because of his ‘supporting role’ in the Brunswick Taxi forgivable loan (grant) from BDC, and his connections with the owners of said firm.

J.P. is, as you know, an attorney in the area.  For some years, we’ve been hoping for a female counterpart to J.P. in our reporting on Lake Basebegone news.  And we were hoping for one that we could identify with the same short-handed nickname: a Ms. J.P. if you will.

Now it turns out that our wish may be coming true.  And wouldn’t you just know it – the new ‘candidate’ is an attorney as well!  It’s as if Side has hit the Daily Double.  We expect the payoff to be material to keep us busy entertaining and informing your for many months to come, especially as it relates to jousting for public office.  Whose humility will be greater than whose?  Whose sincerity will mean less than the others?

We’ll stop there for now, because our intent is to leave you with bated breath, begging for more.  We’ll give you some hints:  the “J” is not contrived, and the “P” has a somewhat fishy connotation.  And maybe even a double meaning, to put a not too sharp point on things.

Let the guessing begin!  And let the biting commentary flow unabated.

Oh…and this photo from the archives probably works pretty well here.

Just for grins, as they say.

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