Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Possible Alternate for the Amtrak MLF Facility?

Lots of folks are taking the position that the proposed location for the Amtrak MLF is appropriate because it’s a ‘historic’ railroad area.  And claiming that nearby residents who prefer that it be located elsewhere are “NIMBYs.”

We were thinking that any of the areas near the tracks that come to Brunswick are therefore ‘historic’ as well.

For example, the tracks run pretty close to Old Portland Road, just to the east of 295 as it enters town.  Looks like us to a pretty good place to put such a facility, as it would not be in a neighborhood where it would bother lots of homeowners, and yet honor the ‘historic’ railroad use.

Here’s a Google Earth image of the area Side was thinking about:

Alt MLF Location along Old Portland Road

Old Portland Road runs across the upper left area of the image, while the historic rail area runs across the lower right third.  The good thing about this location is that nearby residents are enamored of Brunswick’s history, and should welcome the MLF facility to their neighborhood in an effort to end the controversy.  Some residents of the area even follow our efforts here and comment from time to time.

And there shouldn’t be a NIMBY among them.  Because that would make them something else troubling, wouldn’t it?  We’re having trouble recalling the term, but it starts with a ‘hip’ sound, and ends with the sound in the first syllable of the word ‘critter.’

Maybe they’ll show up at the meeting in town this Thursday and offer up their neighborhood as a way out of the current dilemma.  And in the process, show everyone else that they’re ‘bigger’ than the NIMBYs of Brunswick West.

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