Thursday, September 19, 2013

PS on the Amtrak MLF and BWNC Crunch Time…


This post from the other day is getting stronger reader attention than we expected.  When we posted it, we neglected to give you the link to the BWNC web site, so here it is:

Please check it out; it has much useful information.

Even more interesting than the clicks on the recent post are the ‘reactions,’ which never come close to the number of page reads.  Right now, the post is showing 5 votes for ‘brilliant,’ and 3 votes for ‘idiotic.’

We haven’t seen that many ‘idiotic’ choices in a very long time, if ever.  We’ve come to think that only those who feel their pet ox is being gored vote for that choice,  since everything we publish is, in our humble opinion, brilliant.

In this case, we’re going out on a limb and guessing that the subject 3 votes are by members of the town ruling class, who in true fashion, are linking their wagons in a big circle to defend to the end the current MLF proposed location, no matter how little sense it makes from any perspective.  As the scorpion would tell the turtle, “it’s in their nature.”

Now for some really informative material, we’ve posted two very detailed items on the web, and we urge you to take a look at them.  They will give you a tangible and visceral sense of the scale of the proposed MLF industrial facility, and a look at other locations that make a great deal more good sense. Good sense, as you are well aware, is not a core virtue of government, either at local, state, or federal levels, which may well be why they are sticking to the worst possible option.

This first document:

will give you a great feel for the comparative scale of the proposed MLF, along with its proposed in-town neighborhood location.

The second document:

shows what the proposed facility would look like at the Crooker site in East Brunswick, or on the former Naval Air Station.

As we said, both are worth your time to review.  You’ll be a much more informed citizen than most in this town.  And maybe even more so than many of the elite ruling class and their government patrons.

Idiotic as that may sound, to borrow a term.

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