Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Basicman" hits it out of the park...again

This reporter has written before about core principles, and how liberty is a much more profound concept than freedom. Likewise, integrity is much more profound than honesty.

A local blog listed in my favorites is Basicman. His works are thoughtful and philosophical compared to the everyday drivel you find here.

Last Friday, Scott Ruppert, who is "Basicman," had a great op-ed piece in our daily paper titled "What American politics needs is a good dose of tough love." You can find it here.

As someone who has spent a good number of years in the political environment in Washington and Augusta, Side resonated with Scott's thoughts, and wished he had the writing skills on exhibit. Scott seems to be focused on getting it right; Side seems more focused on getting it done.

Oh well. After reading the column, I visited his blog to catch up, and was struck by two items: the newest, which is a heartfelt and moving discussion of Arlington National Cemetary, and "Whatever happened to truth?", the prior post. You absolutely must read it. (It begins with a Mark Twain quote that I am archiving.)

When you do, if you let the words sink in, you will hopefully appreciate the profound principles necessary for this country and society to have a desirable future.

I want to leave it right there. Superfluous bloviation from this reporter is entirely inappropriate to the moment.

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