Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's YOUR fault, you dirty rat!

After reading last night's lead editorial in our local paper, entitled "Elephant in the room," I was reminded of the classic Jimmie Cagney sound bites:

"You, you, you did it; yoooooouuuuu did it, yooouuuu dirty rat, you."

This is one of those editorials, like others I've read, that give one a strange sense that they were written, or should I say ghosted, elsewhere, and then published as if written by the editors. But I could be wrong, and often am.

If nothing else, this statement in the last paragraph raises the suspicion:

This is an important step forward in an important national debt.

Ummmm...I think the word called for in that sentence is "debate," not "debt."

Well anyway, the editorial is in keeping with the Krugman Kool-Aid Klub theories that abound on these pages, laying virtually all blame upon "the prior administration" for our current state of affairs, and treating the current administration as the wisest in our nation's history. Krugman has already decided that the current stimulus plan is way too small. Given that only about 25-30% has been spent, I'm puzzled as to how he could reach that conclusion. But I'm not a Princeton PhD and Nobel winner; I'm just your basic country bumpkin, engineering variety.

The "writer" did include this equivocation, however:

Yes, Obama shares some of the responsibility for the ballooning federal deficit. As do all of us.

Talk about a transparent and shameless attempt to transfer responsibility to the anonymous unwashed.

All of us? Excuuuuuuuse me? I'm willing to believe that YOU share some of the responsibility, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna take any of the rap!

There are plenty of big government fans around here, and the local newspaper bows to no-one when it comes to advocating for government domination of virtually every aspect of our lives. Which means more spending, and more deficits, and less prosperity.

I may be a lot of things, but there's no doubt about my limited government, less spending stance on just about everything.

So the editors can take their "as do all of us" and stuff it where home delivery is not yet an option.

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