Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Richardson....out as Commissioner of DECD

John Richardson gave up his job as Commissioner in Baldacci's Cabinet. Should make the MRRA meeting interesting viewing today.

I wonder if he's taking all those "protocols" about the scads of businesses he had lined up for BNAS with him, or if he's left them in the DECD file cabinet. Come to think of it, those deals were probably built only on his dynamic business skills, his trustworthiness, and his personal integrity in the Commissioner's job. So in all likelihood, POOF! they're gone. Just like that.

Other Side is trying to track down F. Lee Bailey to get his reaction, but so far, no luck. He and Richardson made such a good team. It'd be a shame if they didn't find another way to work together. We'll be watching closely.

The departure means that if Richardson doesn't make it to the Blaine House, he'll have to go back to making several hundred large a year as a lawyer working for his union clients.

Looks like a win-win.

For him, anyway.

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