Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vacant schools & senior housing....a follow-up

Fast on the heels of yesterday's item about the Brunswick Housing Authority and a vacant school in Lisbon comes news advancing the story.

The Lisbon town council approved the sale of the school to the Authority for $1.

The authority has budgeted the conversion of the 100 year old school building, a registered historic landmark, at $2.5 billion, "but is hopeful the costs will actually be less."

This will cover renovation and conversion into apartments on 4 levels of the building, plus an elevator and who knows what else.

That's a pretty amazing number, especially when you consider that the Brunswick town council recently told us that the estimated cost of renovating the old Times Record Building for police use would be $3 million plus. For a building that had already undergone recent renovation to prepare it for its current use.

Too bad Brunswick's council didn't use the same firm as the Housing Authority to perform the estimate.

Oh well, it's too late now. Time to move on to grander plans. Plans that will save us money, no doubt.

Maybe we should sell the Times Record building to the Housing Authority for $1, and let them turn it into apartments. It would be interesting to see what that would cost.

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