Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lake Basebegone Update....Since Like Forever....

Wow! It's one day short of three weeks since Other Side last reported on news from Lake Basebegone.

It must be because those "protocols" in place are protecting the public from being annoyed by all the good and exciting progress known only to those to whom "it" has been revealed. We average folk can only wonder what the enlightened will send our way as a holiday surprise.

The much anticipated annual meeting of MRRA on October 22nd, at which a vote on the Oxford Aviation "agreement" was expected, has come and gone. From all reports, the event was a dog and pony show, with much attention paid to keeping all the cards close to MRRA's vest.

F. Lee Bailey was in attendance, but did not speak during the public comment period. Jim Horowitz, owner of Oxford, was at the reception and dinner, but did not attend the "business meeting."

While this reporter would never question such behavior, Other Side readers could not be faulted if they doubted whether F. Lee Bailey would really make a trip to our little corner of the world simply to decorate the proceedings but not engage in any form of "dialogue" with relevant officials.

Or if they asked whether Horowitz, the seeker of much from the same officials, and more importantly, we the taxpayers, would find the public session just too irrelevant to endure.

Perhaps he's just shy and uncomfortable in the spotlight and forgot to bring his SAD medication.

A concise report on these circumstances can be found here in the Forecaster. Among other things, it mentions how the MRRA could be coy about holding the vote on Oxford:

If MRRA calls a special meeting, the state's Freedom of Access Law requires the agency to give public notice 24 hours or more prior to the gathering.

Given the determined vigilance of the local populace, and the fervent openness of MRRA principles, we can be sure that we'll be alerted to the meeting the moment it's scheduled. I expect a loud klaxon to sound, followed by a very clear and precise announcement over the public PA system. Given my remote location, I may miss it, so I hope that readers within range of the speakers will notify me instantly. When they do, I'll relay it to the throngs that come here for news of such matters.

While we await word, I'm pleased to report that Oxford continues to advertise to the world via its web site that it will occupy the entirety of Hangar 6, even though the MRRA ED said publicly that the agreement in work only involves half of that hangar space. I suppose it's just an inadvertent slip of the web page.

Much like the job fair that was held in January, which reportedly drew 1000 applicants. That event was held by Oxford to recruit a staff of 200 for the new Brunswick Jet Division in Hangar 6, advertised to begin operations on the base in June of this year.

I could be wrong, but I think June has already passed. And I could be wrong in believing that everyone involved directly, specifically the MRRA and Oxford Aviation, knew full well that there was not a snowball's chance in hell of occupying that space and conducting business anywhere remotely close to June of 2009.

I have to be wrong, right? Because if I'm not, it would mean that we were all being misled intentionally, and that those desperately looking for a job in the area were victims of a cruel hoax perpetrated by Oxford as a public relations gambit, while the MRRA conveniently looked the other way. Just like the MRRA is tacitly endorsing the fraud being perpetrated on Oxford's web site.

I suppose I should be ashamed of myself for even thinking that such a thing could happen in Brunswick and Maine; where everything is above board and otherwise generally perfect. Where "quality of place" infuses every aspect of life and the people's business.

If you look carefully into your computer screen as you read this, you should be able to see me looking appropriately contrite.

And for those of you who thought you'd start work on the base in June, or know of someone else who did, get in touch with me. I have an idea for a whipped creamed pie business that could take off quickly if current trends prevail.

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