Monday, November 16, 2009

News Flash....Richardson to announce run today

Other Side just heard via the grapevine that John Richardson of Brunswick will be announcing his run for Governor at 11 am today here in town. (I wonder if it will take place in front of Frostys?). I can just hear the surprised reactions of the multitudes.

That should put an end to the speculation about the Oxford Aviation outcome (and the "protocols" on Fortune 500 deals, etc.) being critical to his ambitions for higher office, which if reports are true, will no longer be in the "possible" category. It also raises the likelihood that communications on the subject will climb to new heights of obscurity and evasiveness. Timing will become increasingly important, one would think.

We're now taking bets as to whether Richardson will resign from the MRRA today, or at their meeting tomorrow, or will instead, turn it into his campaign vehicle. Either way, I can already hear the compous statements being issued.

Here in the offices, we're pretty sure what he should do. We're also pretty sure what he prefers to do. Put your money down now.

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