Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brunswick Council Chair: John Richardson's Campaign Treasurer

While we haven't noticed any reports in the local media, Other Side has learned that Joanne King, the Chair of the Brunswick Town Council, is the Treasurer for John Richardson's Gubernatorial Campaign.  And we have confirmation from an unimpeachable source.

Since our offices are in the relative "boonies" of Brunswick, we're probably the last to know.  City folk just seem to find out early.  As dedicated journalists, we feel an obligation to our similarly disconnected readers to pass along the news.

This reporter reacted to the report with a soupcon of disbelief and a modicum of surprise.  Over the years, we've been told that town council duties represent a considerable work load, and we imagine that being Chair only adds to that.  We've also known folks involved in the campaign treasurer role, and to use the common man's view of things, they characterize it as "a real pain in the ass."  Hence the surprise that King would take it on, especially now.

But that's a personal consideration.  Other aspects of this decision are not.  While we are not authorities in conflicts of interest in this area, it seems a bit unseemly for an elected town official to take on a major role in such a high profile campaign.  And while council elections have always been "non-partisan," wink, wink, the Richardson campaign is anything but.

Richardson may be a Brunswick guy, but that doesn't change a thing as we see it.  As Brunswick heads into the great unknowns of a future as Lake Basebegone, it seems like an inopportune time for those leading the town to take sides in a major election.

But you know us here at Side; we're babes in the cabbage patch when it comes to such things.  Protocols, especially in the political arena, are not our strong suit.

Which reminds me; maybe I should just take two and I'll feel better in the morning.

And I'll call you if I don't.

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