Sunday, January 10, 2010

Other Side's new "front page" formatting..

Readers know that posts on Other Side are often quite long, and make it a bit unwieldy to quickly "scan" recent offerings.

Accordingly, the editor has decided to try out a new formatting approach, already piloted on two recent posts.

On the home page, longer posts will be introduced with a "teaser" paragraph or 3 or 4 that give you a glimpse into the subject matter.  The full post can be read by clicking on the "read more" link just below and to the left of the teaser material.  Sometimes the teaser will be the opening paragraph(s) of the post itself, and sometimes it won't; it'll be from the body of the post.  One way or another, it will be repeated when you open the full length post page.

We'd be interested in your feedback on this formatting change.  Our hope is that it makes Other Side even more user friendly than it already is.

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