Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tutorial: Commenting & Viewing Comments

Other Side was conceived on the basis that it would be open to and encourage comments from readers.  Our belief is that the more readers that join in, the more enjoyable and illuminating the blog will be.  Although, frankly, it’s hard to imagine it being much better than it already is.

Here at the offices, we’ve become aware that the process of commenting and/or reading comments posted by others may be a bit confusing.  So consider this an invitation to join in, and the basics for doing so are as follows.

To comment on a post: At the bottom of each post is an “administrative” window, the first line of which says “Posted by P. C. Poppycock” with a time stamp.  Just to the right of the time stamp is a tag that says “X comments,” where X is a number ranging from 0 on up.  If you click on this tag, a form will open that allows you to comment on the post.

If you have never done this before, you will be asked to register, which involves entering your email address and a “user name.”  Do not be afraid to do so.  I guarantee that registering in this way will not result in any traffic to your inbox, or any other spam or annoyances.  And you and your email address will be anonymous to me, unless you want me to know who you are.  So your identity will not be revealed to me, or to blog readers.

To read other’s comments: If the number in the comments tag is other than 0, clicking on it will display the comments that have already been posted.  You can read them without registering or commenting yourself, so there is no identity risk of any sort.

That’s it!  It’s really easy!  If you have a problem, contact me directly at the email provided on the blog for help.






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  1. Poppycock,

    Please consider suspending moderation on a trial basis.