Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A few loose ends....

Postscript to "A pause, and then a 'pause.'"

The mental cobwebs were still a bit in the way when I drafted the referenced post, and I forgot a few tidbits.

First, adding to the 'circle of life' mood that prompted writing the post was watching the movie "Julie and Julia," which is an amusing diversion on the life of Julia Child, the great culinary icon, and the inspiration she had on a young lady who decided to follow more or less in her footsteps. Not particularly deep, but enjoyable, especially if you like to cook and eat like this reporter does. And Meryl Streep is wonderful as the always unique Julia. The movie ends up being a "carrying the torch" sort of story, which seemed to fit the 'circle of life' thought process.

Second, for those of you who are convinced that this reporter is a closed-minded, hyper-ideological introvert who can't stand to be within 10 ft of someone who disagrees with him, you would be wrong.

That "renewed friendship" I referred to is with a big city liberal! Can you believe it????? And the big city in this case is THE big city - New York! And to make things even more interesting, she's a Jewish grandmother! Oy gevalt!

And we're having a great time discussing Chocolate Babka and other important subjects. So go figure. And don't go all verklempt on me.

(I know, Chocolate Babka is not "one word." You were supposed to laugh at that, bubby. Get it?)

"Good riddance" comeuppance

About 3 weeks ago, I posted on a letter writer to the local paper who wished good riddance to departing Navy personnel here.

I thought it was one of the worst and most vitriolic letters I'd seen in all my born days in this area. Thankfully, so did a number of other local residents, who responded in print with letters.

First among them was Judy Gorby, always at the head of the list for supporting the troops in any and all possible ways. There were others as well, including one who even scolded the editors for publishing the critical letter.

Good for them all. I've long been disappointed at the lack of response from those who I'm sure take issue with much of what is published in the local paper. This time, they were pushed to the limit, and acted appropriately.

I'm actually shocked that the editor published the letter that took him to task. I've learned over the years that the paper readily publishes any item critical of those right of center, but repeatedly rejects letters criticizing the paper itself, or even worse, the favored left of center politicians, who are uniformly seen as saintly and incapable of misjudgment.

So credit where credit is due; the paper recognized the seriousness of the issue to the local populace. Not a bad idea for a business that is down 20% in two years; it just might be that thumbing your nose at readers is not career enhancing.

Not that it matters to today's "journalists."

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