Friday, May 24, 2013

A Glimpse of “Post Racial” America

We read this article yesterday, and found it enlightening.  We’ve heard in recent years that our President is a symbol of Post-Racial America, or at the very least, would take us there.

Thomas Fluharty

We’re not sure what that means, but we’re real sure that the article proves that the premise of the current Presidency is, to borrow a term, pure poppycock.  The writer reports on her experiences at the “Fourteenth Annual While Privilege Conference.”  We can’t imagine what sort of intestinal fortitude it takes to register for, and even more, attend such an event.

Given the article’s heavy emphasis on academia’s involvement in flogging and expanding interest in victimization theory, we find it especially relevant right here in the home of Bowdoin College, where all manner of ‘studies’ programs and majors hold an exalted stature in what remains of the liberal arts.

You’ll have to spend a half hour or more to take it all in, but for those interested in where we’re headed these days, it will be time well spent.  Here’s a brief example:

Back in 1999 the main focus of the White Privilege Conference had been on race. Recently, though, the categories of victims of white supremacy have grown to include such overwhelmingly white groups as feminists and the “LGBT community”​—​or “LGBTQ community,” “LGBTQQ community,” and “LGBTQQIA community”​—​all acronyms used by White Privilege participants at various times (the two “Q’s” stand for “queer” and “questioning,” the “I” for “intersex,” and the “A” for a conventionally heterosexual “ally” of all of the above). This year’s conference also offered yoga classes “especially welcoming to people of size, queer people, and others who might not feel comfortable in conventional yoga classes.” In addition, “gender-neutral” restrooms for those who “opt out of a gender binary system” (in the words of the WPC14 program) are a standard feature of every White Privilege Conference.

We don’t see any indication that aged conservatives deserve special study or consideration as oppressed victims, especially here in Brunswick, where conservatives may be the ne-plus-ultra of all minorities.

We’re not complaining though.  Other Side’s success is, by definition, built on taking the minority view.

And proudly so.

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