Friday, May 17, 2013

Special Bulletin for Those Expecting a Captive Audience on the BCU Bus to Augusta


This past Sunday, we posted a notice that we had invited “the Maine Chapters of the NRA, Tea Party Patriots, Pro-Life America, Home Schoolers United, and Defending Traditional Marriage to mobilize their staffs and membership” to join members of Brunswick Clueless United on their trip to Augusta this Tuesday, May 21st, on a Brunswick School Bus. 

While BCU was planning to lobby for more state spending, we saw the trip as a chance for the above organizations to engage in face-to-face dialogue with engaged citizens in a non-distracting situation.

Shortly after publishing our most recent post, we instructed our reporting staff to update us on the plans for the trip.  To say they came back to us verklempt would be an understatement.


What they found is this:

Dear Invitees. In order to team up with a statewide movement with similar goals we have decided to cancel the Tuesday bus trip and instead promote the following event. We will not be arranging transportation but hope that  you can attend:

Rally for Maine's Middle Class

Please Join the Rally!

Next week citizens from across Maine will gather at the State House to call on legislators to adopt a budget that strengthens the middle class, supports small businesses, and creates pathways to success for Maine children and families.

May 22, 2013
Courtyard between the State House and the Cross Office Building

12:00 Noon

Governor LePage's proposed budget includes property tax increases and a massive tax shift onto local communities that puts funding for education, health care, and public safety at risk -- all to pay for his tax cuts for the wealthy.

Join the rally to tell legislators that Maine needs a fair share budget.

Call Jenna at XXX-XXX-XXXX for more information.

Or RSVP online at http: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The rally is organized by Fair Share Now, a coalition of organizations working to make sure Maine's tax system is fair and to bring about a responsible budget solution. For more information about the Fair Share Now Campaign: www.yyy.yyyyy.yyy

Field Trip To Augusta

(specific contact info encrypted for security purposes)

What we can tell you is that the organization sponsoring this event has a ‘steering committee’ consisting of:

  • Maine AFL-CIO
  • Maine Education Association
  • Maine People's Alliance
  • Maine State Employee's Association
Remember when we told you about BCU really amounting to Brunswick Community Unionists?  This turn of events only confirms our suspicions, or more to the point, our assertions.

The members of the ‘steering committee’ shown above are, in three cases, unions.  All four are true believers that one’s lot in life (compensation, health care, food, housing, and anything else one would like) should be determined and compelled by the force of law. 

While the Bowdoin College Faculty has not yet signed on, it shouldn’t be too long before they do, unless, that is, they prefer to have their market value determined by the market.

As we said in this post, never forget that it’s ‘about the children.’


Which is why we believe this youngster is so disappointed about the cancellation of Tuesday’s trip.

Maybe someone can put on a silly hat to make the poor kid laugh.


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